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Court arraigns man for over 20 years marriage to grandchild

A Zamfara State Shari’a Court has set August 2, 2022, for its decision in a case brought against Alhaji Musa Tsafe, who has been married to his granddaughter for more than 20 years.

Alhaji Bashir Mahe, the court’s presiding judge, said that his verdict will be delivered the following week on Tuesday, August 2, 2022.

Speaking with the press after the session, counsel to the defendant, Ayuba Abdulahi said, the documents he received from the court last week show that the Hisba commission did not follow the conditions for dissolution of marriage before going to the Higher Shari’a court.

“Which is not acceptable in Islam,” he remarked, expressing his lack of trust in the court and praying that the matter be transferred to the Upper Shari’a court.

Radio Nigeria reports that the couple’s family members realised the marriage was illegal and violated Islamic law in 2020 since the husband and wife are blood relatives and are not permitted to be married.

The marriage is unlawful and should be dissolved, according to an investigation by the Tsafe Council of Ulamas and Hisba, the couple’s objections to a dissolution of the marriage caused the issue to be brought before a Sharia court.

Reporting by Sani Haruna; editing by Muzha Kucha