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Radiographers Registration Board Suspends member

The Disciplinary Committee of the Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria RRBN, has heard and determined a case of professional misconduct against one Dr. Anthony Chukwuka Ugwu, a lecturer in the Department of Radiography, Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka Anambra, and the owner of St. Michael Diagnostic Center, Nnewi, Anambra State who was found guilty of various acts of unethical behavior, unwholesome acts and infamous conduct in contravention of the code of conduct and ethics of the board.

A statement by the board explains that Dr Anthony Ugwu refused to honour invitations by the Investigative Panel and Disciplinary Committee of the Board.

It explains that some of the offences of Dr. Ogwu included posting of several derogatory remarks about the Board, and his fellow senior colleague and also had circulated an official letter of the Board not addressed to him on social media of which acts the Committee found to be disrespectful, abusive, insulting and unwholesome and unbecoming of a professional.

The disciplinary committee upon the above,  suspended Dr Ugwu for the period of 24 months within which he will cease from practicing as a radiographer, holding himself out as a radiographer or involved in any activities as a radiographer with effect from Friday 5th of August, 2022.

He was also ordered by the Disciplinary Committee to pay the cost of one million naira ( N1,000,000) to offset the incidentals incurred by the Board.

The Registrar of Radiographers Registration Board of Nigeria Professor Mark Okeji, who was also the secretary of the disciplinary committee explained that the board was empowered by law to receive and attend to cases of misdemeanors, act of indiscipline and misconduct among members of the profession and to give directions to the disciplinary measures to be meted out to erring member in the country.

Professor Okeji added that the action of the Committee was to ensure all members of the profession conform to the ethics of the profession. 

Reporting by Hamza Alkali, editing by Daniel Adejo