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US records 1424 new monkeypox cases 

The US recorded a record 1,424 cases of monkey pox in one day on Monday, the highest number since the global outbreak first made its way to the United States in May. It comes as officials begin to express concern about the virus rampant on college campuses for the next semester.

Monday’s numbers bring America’s total number of cases to 8,934 — putting the US on track to be the first nation to eclipse 9,000 confirmed infections when officials report new numbers on Tuesday. It is likely that these numbers are a serious undercount due to the lack of testing.

This outbreak could also get worse soon. The new school year starts in the coming weeks at colleges and universities in the US. Young college students are more likely to engage in careless sexual behavior, creating a perfect storm for potential monkeypox outbreaks across the country.

Also, unlike Covid in 2020, many universities do not have specific response plans to the virus, making rampant spread even more likely once the virus is introduced to campus.

Editing by Omotola Oguneye