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Kaduna govt scales up Covid-19 vaccination

Scales 3.0 Covid-19 vaccination and public healthcare services have been launched in Kaduna State.

Dr Hadiza Balarabe, Deputy Governor of the State, stated this at the launch of the programme at the Government House.

The SCALES 3.0 is the next iteration of Covid-19 vaccination for all eligible residents.

Dr Hadiza Balarabe explained that the scale was a National Primary Health Care Development Agency NPHCDA initiative adopted by the State government with the goal of not only accelerating COVID-19 vaccination but also ensuring that the vaccination was adequately integrated with other Primary Healthcare interventions and public healthcare services across the State.

Dr Balarabe also revealed that the SCALES 3.0 campaign will be implemented in three months, with mobile special teams providing vaccinations.

“It is worth noting that Kaduna State had a significant increase in the number of COVID-19 cases, where we recorded a total of 140 new positive cases in the last four weeks. Thankfully, the fatality has not changed for the worse. These new cases emerged after a prolonged period of decline attributed to the measures that have been put in place, including fully vaccinating 54% of the eligible residents in Kaduna state” Dr Balarabe stated.

The Deputy governor urged residents to continue to maintain preventive measures to remain safe, stressing that, COVID-19 vaccines are safe.

Dr Balarabe also called on Local Government Council Chairmen, traditional and religious leaders, community members, the media, and every resident of the State to lend their support in mobilizing all unvaccinated eligible individuals to register and get vaccinated in their Communities.

Reporting by Aminu Dalhatu: editing by Adeniyi Bakara: Ajibade Oluwaseyi