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NBA conference: Adichie raises N3m for female football team

Chimamanda Adichie, an award-winning writer and speaker, raised nearly N3 million for the Nigerian Bar Association’ (NBA) female football competition, which will be hosted as part of the eight-day conference.

She said that the monetary reward for the male and female NBA teams was “unfair,” and appealed to participants, who then gave N3.2m to the women’s football prize.

According to reports, the male team will earn N500,000 in prize money, while the female team will receive N200,000.

Ms. Adichie, speaking on the topic “A bold transition,” demanded accountability from Nigerians, asserting that without it, peace cannot flourish.

She said that the people must also be responsible if the leaders are to be held responsible.

’A bold transition must embrace audacity and innovation. They have called me troublesome. I never set out to provoke for its sake. But I refuse to silence myself for the fear of what I might inadvertently provoke’, she said.

Some Presidential candidates of the 2023 election were also at the NBA annual general conference

Writing by Annabel Nwachukwu