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France offers €4,000 to persons who trade in cars for e-bikes

Photo: Pixabay

French government has offered €4,000 (approx. N1.6M) to anyone who trades in their gas-powered cars for e-bikes. According to The Verge, the money is expected to incentivise people to dump their ‘polluting modes of transportation’ for options that are more environmentally friendly.

The subsidy was first introduced in 2021, with a smaller amount, and was increased recently to close the bike-riding gaps between France and other European countries. The goal is to get to 9% of the country using an e-bike by 2024, still far from The Netherlands’ 27%.

Emmanuel Macron led government also said it would invest €250 million (about N105 trillion) to make the city of Paris entirely bikeable, for e-bike riders.

The city’s current mayor, Anne Hidalgo, won reelection last year on a promise to add another 130 kilometers (over 80 miles) of bike-safe pathways over the next five years.

Writing by Makcit Rindap; editing by Muzha Kucha