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France President to mend Algeria ties as energy crisis bites

French President Emmanuel Macron arrives in Algeria on Thursday with hopes of repairing fractured relations with a nation whose oil and gas reserves have new strategic significance because of Europe’s looming energy crisis.

The President visit comes after a long period of tension over conflicting memories of Algeria’s bloody war of independence.

Algeria recalled its ambassador to Paris last year, where both countries have since signaled their desire for a reset.

According to the BBC, President Macron has made the choice to orientate the visit towards the future and lay down the basis for a relaunching of the relationship.

He is travelling with a 90-person delegation of ministers, business leaders and sports personalities.

A month earlier France had angered Algeria as well as neighbouring Morocco by sharply reducing the number of travel visas it issues.

This was in response to claims that both North African countries were obstructing the repatriation of nationals found to be in France illegally.

Writing by Marian Benjamin