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Anambra at 31: Lecturer demands more women inclusion

First female professor of mass communication in Nigeria and a three-time commissioner in Anambra State, Chinyere  Stella Okunna

The First Female Professor of Mass Communications in Nigeria, Stella Okunna, says the most deplorable aspect of Anambra state in the last 31 years of its creation is in the area of women empowerment and political inclusion .

Professor Okunna made the assertion in Awka on the 31st anniversary of the creation of the state.

She said given the position of Anambra State in Nigeria, and the caliber of personalities it has produced globally, certain indices should have been better than they are.

She argued that Anambra, despite being home to many entrepreneurial and hardworking Nigerians,  has not witnessed the expected rate of  development.

“The state have done relatively well but for who they are and what it stands for in Nigeria, 31 years since its creation, it could have done much more especially in women inclusion,” she asserted.

Professor Okunna, who described women of the state as more enlightened, educated, courageous and capable than their counterparts in other parts of the country, said it was regrettable that they have not done well in both elective and appointive positions.

She also accused successive governors of the state of not giving women enough political appointments – a trend which she said is also applicable at the local government level.

“Not many women have aspired, some have aspired for elective positions and even those who aspired have not been elected,” she continued.

“I think the reason being that the male folk still believe that women are not good enough.”

The University Don, who applauded what she termed the antecedents of Governor Chukwuma Soludo, expressed the hope that his administration will do more in terms of women inclusion in governance.

Professor Okunna, who is the Deputy Vice Chancellor of St Pauls University, Awka, also recalled that the only time more women were recognized in appointive positions was during the administration of  former President Goodluck Jonathan and ex-Anambra governor, Peter Obi.

Reporting by Uche Ndeke; Editing by Daniel Adejo