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Financial experts harps on quality policy making

Head of Digital Financial Services at the Central Bank of Nigeria, Stephen Ambore, has tasked the Inclusive Financial Practitioners Association, IFPA, with developing a quality policy making.

Ambore made the remarks in Abuja during the inauguration of new Executives of the Association of Digital Finance Practitioners, ADFP, and the Inclusive Finance Practitioners Association, IFPA for Abuja and the Northern Region.

He emphasized that only good policies would make the association relevant in the country.

“We can include this association in the country’s elites campaign by ensuring that whatever happens in the country, the Association’s opinion is required,” He added.

Stephen Ambore explained that the ADFP and IFPA need a policy at the legislative level for decision and legislation to be in favor of all the efforts of Association.

Digital Finance Inclusion in Nigeria

In a presentation, on “The role of ADFP in Fostering Digital Finance and Inclusion in Nigeria” a Board member of the ADFP, Stanley Jacob urged the new Executives to focus on sustenance development goals, strategic partnerships and advocate good policies that promote financial services.

“We should put the association in a way that this bargain will not just be for financial services because the input of this organization is very important in shaping decision making of the country” Jacob emphasized.

In an welcome of address, the Facilitator of the Community of Practice for the Digital Finance Inclusion, Adenike Okunbolade explained that over 300 Professionals have been trained in various aspects of Digital financial services and such Knowledge cannot guarantee the anticipated impact, if not well harnessed.

Okunbolade said it was a privilege for Nigeria to have both the ADFP and IFPA urged the Executives to make the Association a world class professional Association that would contribute to the evolution and development of Digital Finance services ecosystem.

Conducive environment for citizens

The new IFPA President, Isa Aliyu Shata, appreciated the group for electing him and pledged to create a conducive environment for citizens to financially through team work.

Aliyu Shata stressed that Digital financial services promised to partner the Ministry of Education and National Universities Commission, NUC in bringing up a curriculum that will fit into the syllabus of financial Inclusion.

“With this we will sustain the brains that would continue with what we have started because a lot of us have gone through the experience of financial Inclusion before we started our course. We need to transfer the knowledge back to society so that we can create a good ecosystem with a multiplier effect of the kind of vision we want to achieve. Aliyu Shata stated.

The Inauguration drew financial Experts from government agencies, the public and private sectors

Reporting by Georgina Humphrey; editing by Adeniyi Bakare