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Hollywood actress Jane Fonda battles cancer

American actress, Jane Fonda has announced that she is battling with cancer, and has started chemotherapy.

The 84-year-old Oscar winner, on Friday disclosed this, vowing to fight the ailment.

“I’ve been diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and have started chemo treatments, this is a very treatable cancer. 80 percent of people survive, so I feel very lucky.

“I’m also lucky because I have health insurance and access to the best doctors and treatments”, the actress said on her Instagram account.

Fonda, a social campaigner, is optimistic about her situation, though she raises concerns for those battling cancer with lesser quality treatment.

“Almost every family in America has had to deal with cancer at one time or another and far too many don’t have access to the quality health care I am receiving and this is not right,” she wrote.

Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is a kind of cancer that starts in the lymphatic system, a part of the body’s immune defenses, and can develop into widespread tumors.

According to the Mayo Clinic, symptoms can include: swollen lymph nodes, abdominal pain or swelling, chest pain, coughing or trouble breathing, as well as persistent fatigue and fever.

Writing by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Muzha Kucha