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NTI urges sanction of unauthorized training institutions

Prof Musa Maitafsir, Director-General National of the National Teachers’ Institute (NTI), has urged the Federal Government to sanction illegal teachers training institutions in the country. 

Maitafsir made the announcement on the sidelines of the institute’s 2022 Nationwide Capacity Building Teacher Training Workshop on Friday in Abuja.

He claimed that many unauthorized organizations have taken over teachers training at the expense of the country’s approved institutions.

“There is a proliferation of private firms with no business in education and no mandate to train teachers, but who are patronized in training teachers by state and federal government agencies to the detriment of the institutions established by law”. Prof Maitafsir noted.

“We have designed to train over 2000 Nigerian teachers this year, they will be introduced to the techniques of learning recoveries through Basic Education Support Funds from UBEC”. Prof Maitafsir stated.

The Director-General noted that 2000 teachers from Kebbi and Sokoto states had received a similar training by the institute in collaboration with the Commonwealth in 2021.

Writing by Adeniyi Bakare