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Kebbi Hisba records over 8,000 cases of rape, domestic violence

The Kebbi state Hisba says, it has recorded over eight thousand cases bordering on rape, abandoned babies, unwanted pregnancies by teenagers and drug addiction.

Commercial sex hawkers’ houses, gambling temples are closed while child labour, loss of children, abandoned dead bodies was being curbed as well as settlement of marriage disputes between husbands and wives.

The Kebbi state Commander of Hisba, Alhaji Suleman Muhammad explained that with the emergence of Hisba, social vices have drastically reduced to the minimum in the state.

Hisbah is an Islamic doctrine referring to upholding “community morals” based on the Quranic injunction to enjoin good and forbid wrong.

Governor Atiku Bagudu applauded the effort of Hisba in reducing social vices in the state.

Alhaji Muhammad called on the public to contribute by assisting in joining hands with Hisba to fighting crimes and criminal activities in the state.

“No religion permit its followers to commit crimes, Hisba is committed to be part of the state security architecture”. He noted.

He assured government committment on its continued support to Hisba by boosting its operation with one hundred million naira so that it discharge its duty effectively and deligently.

The Chairman of the occasion, Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami urged them to prioritized the fight against drugs addiction particularly amongst youth.

Reporting by Abdullahi Tukur; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino