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Court fines google $4.13b

Google has suffered one of its major setbacks after an European court fined it $4.13 billion for using its Android mobile operating system to thwart rivals, offering a precedent for other regulators to ratchet up pressure.

The unit of tech giant, Alphabet had challenged an earlier ruling, but the decision was broadly upheld by the Europe’s second-highest court in Wednesday’s ruling and the fine was reduced only modestly from 4.34 billion euros.

This is a record-breaking fine for antitrust violations. The EU antitrust enforcer imposed a total of 8.25 billion euros in antitrust fines on the world’s most popular internet search engine over three investigations spanning more than a decade, Reuters says.

This is Google’s second court defeat after losing its appeal of a $2.42 billion fine last year, the first of three cases.

Writing by Marian Asari; Editing by Muzha Kucha