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US lauds Nigeria’s effort to tackle climate change

The United States special presidential envoy for climate, Senator John Kerry has urged the Nigerian government to take relevant climate actions that will impact positively on the African continent.

Senator Kerry who gave the advice at a media round table in the Nigerian capital, Abuja emphasized that the country has a leading role to play in relation to other African nations.

“Nigeria is one of the important countries in terms of giving direction in leading with climate in Africa, Because Nigeria is a major producer of gas, how it approaches climate crisis will send the message to the rest of the continent and other people in the world.” He said.

Senator John Kerry maintained that his visit was not to tell Nigeria to reduce its gas emissions but to guide the country as a major gas producer with high population, to set the direction on how to deal with climate crisis.

Right mix of energy sources

According to Senator Kerry, “having the right mix of energy sources over the next few years is going to help us define how the crisis is going to be dealt with. So Nigeria can deploy more renewable energy sources. There is less than one percent solar, less than one percent wind, there’s almost no gas-thermal in Nigeria.”

For the Climate Envoy, it required global concerted effort with a higher level of responsibilities to countries that produce more emissions such as the US to tackle the challenge.

“The United States, my country has to do more, that is why we have set a target of reducing our emissions by fifty to fifty-two percent by 2030 because that’s what the Paris and Glasgow agreements require.” Senator Kerry stated.

Senator Kerry also visited Wuse, a major market in the nation’s capital, expressed joy over effort to adopt solar energy sources by private business owners.

He pointed out the need to involve the private sector which would provide a platform for mobilizing the fund for effective transition to cleaner sources of energy.

Reporting by Godson; Editing by Adeniyi Bakare