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Queue to see Queen’ s coffin paused

Queue to see the Queen’s lying in State PHOTO: BBC

The British government has on Friday paused the queue to see the Queen lying in state at Westminster Hall which reached capacity.

According to BBC, the line is now about five miles (8km) long and stretches to Southwark Park in south-east London.

The government has announced that entry to the queue will be paused for at least six hours as Southwark Park – the starting point of the queue – has reached capacity.

Mourners were advised not to attempt to join until it re-opens.

Tens-of-thousands of people have continued to pay their last respects to Her Majesty the Queen, who died last week.

King Charles III and Camilla, the Queen Consort, will visit Wales on Friday on the final stop of their tour of the UK’s four nations

BBC confirmed that that the King’s request, both Princes William and Harry will be in uniform when they take part in a vigil beside the Queen’s coffin on Saturday evening

A Chinese government delegation has been banned from attending the lying-in-state of Queen Elizabeth II,

House of Commons Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle is understood to have refused a request for access to Westminster Hall over Chinese sanctions against five MPs and two peers.

Queen Elizabeth will lie in state until her funeral on Monday.

The Speaker’s office told the BBC it did not comment on security matters.

Meanwhile, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said they had not seen a reports about the ban

Writing by Hadiza Abdulrahman