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Tunisian Football Federation investigates racist incident againsht Richarlison

Tunisian football federation (FTF) has denounced the racism incident that marred Tuesday’s 5-1 defeat in Paris, where Brazil’s winger Richarlison was thrown a banana.

TFT condemned the action and said it will apologise unreservedly while it awaits confirmation that it was indeed a Tunisian who threw the banana.

However, the TFT criticised those spectators who had booed the Brazilian national anthem, while failing to mention the use of lasers aimed at several Brazil players as well as the referee.

At the forthcoming world cup in Qatar, Tunisia will meet Denmark, Australia, and defending champions France in Group D.

Earlier, a leading fan group in Tunisia had taken a different stance, criticising the behaviour of some of the team’s supporters in Paris.

In a social media post, the ‘National Tunisian Team’ group labelled the actions as “lousy and offensive” while calling the individual who threw the banana “ignorant and uncivilised”.

Brazil’s football federation has already spoken out against the incident, which Fifa, football’s world governing body is investigating.

Writing by Tersoo Nichola; Editing by Omotola Oguneye