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Group urges PRP to sustain its integrity

A support group of one of the Presidential Aspirants in the Peoples Redemption Party (PRP), Patience Ndidi-Key has called on party stakeholders to ensure its integrity is not lost due to desperation by some of its leaders.

The National Coordinator of the organisation, under the aegis of PNK Support Group, Ebenezer Olufemi, who appeared at a news conference in Abuja, said it was disheartening to see a sharp deviation from the ideals of the past, especially over the past few weeks.

According to him, “The PRP is not an individual’s party, it is a revolutionary party and revolutionaries live to fight for justice and fairness.

“Therefore, it will be ironical that in a party that boasts to have some of the most reputable radicals in the business of politics and governance to now stand timidly in the face of such brazen contraventions to the common values of the party.”

He said the collectivism in the ownership and the running of the PRP “is the unique value that it must not lose”.

Mr Olufemi also urged stakeholders in the party to ensure that justice prevails in the tussles related to the presidential candidate for the 2023 polls.

He said the party’s June 5 primary election was characterised by malpractices and open contempt for the party guidelines, yet the outcome was accepted by the party’s leadership.

“When the goal post is shifted and the field is tilted, then fairness, value and equity, which is the number one cardinal principle of our dear party, have been reduced to a bag of garbage,” He complained.

He, however, warned that the group would continue to mobilise its members around the country to “resist any form of imposition, manipulation and compromise” that seeks to serve the interest of any one man.

He added that the group would continue to appeal to all PRP members of goodwill to lend their voices towards ensuring that the integrity of the party is not lost to selfish individuals who wish to sell it for a morsel of bread.

“The rightful winner of the primary election of June 5 is Ndidi Key,” he declared.

“We appeal to everyone who has a stake in our party to ensure justice is done and the stolen mandate returned, as this is going to be the first litmus test to the kind of leadership we are proposing to offer Nigerians.”

Mr Olufemi condemned those whom he said have “stood in the way of the party’s progress and history”, robbing willing, zealous and committed candidates of the party of their victory and opportunity to lead it to victory in the coming elections.

It was, he added, the hope of the group that the PRP leadership would retrace their steps and allow justice to prevail.

“This injustice, if not addressed, shall set a bad tone in the build-up to the general elections,” he warned.

In a reaction, the national publicity secretary of the party, Idakwo Mohammed acknowledged that the primary election, which produced Kola Abiola as the party’s presidential candidate has been trailed by several protests due to some irregularities.

He, however, explained that the leadership of the party, which has now been factionalised, is making efforts to resolve the crisis ahead of the 2023 polls.

He said committees have been set up to resolve the disagreements, and they have already begun making overtures to the aggrieved persons.

Reporting by VictorsonAgbenson; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino and Tony Okerafor