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Tinubu promises to build on Buhari’s legacy

The APC Presidential flag-bearer, Bola Tinubu, has promised to build on the legacy of President Muhammadu Buhari if elected next year.

In a goodwill message at the on-going 3rd Ministerial Performance Review Retreat in Abuja, Asiwaju Tinubu emphasised that President Buhari’s vision for Nigeria was an uplifting one.

Tinubu said he knew the level of patriotic dedication with which President Buhari had steered the affairs of Nigeria, noting however that the President’s selflessness, labour, and achievements may go unappreciated for now, due to the lies piled around him.

“You see, history has a way of clearing the myths, so that things can be said clearly and objectively. Any objective assessment of your time and the national contribution you all have made, will be a positive and grateful one. This administration inherited a national condition stitched in difficulty unlike any other. Predecessor government ignored or lack the will to tackle serious problem ranging from insecurity to corruption. As if that was not enough, you confronted series of events unprecedented compounded by the complexity and novelity of COVID that attacked global health and the global economy”, he explained.

He observed that throughout most of President Buhari’s tenure, oil prices waned, coupled with the Ukrainian prices, severe weather events in many nations that further depleted economic production and undermined international supply chain of regular items, especially food.

He expressed satisfaction with the manner in which the administration had been able to greatly subdued the ferocious activities perpetrators of insecurity, adding that,

“upon entering office, you faced a situation where deadly terrorists, were planting flags on our national territory proclaiming an illegal state within our legitimate state. Because of your collective work, they no longer plant those flags, they dare not. Their boast of conquest are no longer heard. You have you put us on the road to defeating this menace. By the grace of Almighty God we shall persist until terrorists and those like them are utterly removed from the face of our nation”.

Asiwaju Tinubu emphasised that President Buhari’s commitment to ensuring food security by improving the condition of the average farmer, and the expansion of the national infrastructure, gradual improvement of the power sector, were some of the dividends that Nigerians should be grateful for.

The APC Presidential flag-bearer expressed the hope that President Buhari’s efforts would continue to bear fruits for Nigeria and her future.

Reporting by Abdullah Bello; Editing by Tina Oyinsan