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Kwara threatens contractor over collapsed N3.5bn bridge

Kwara state government has threatened to order the consultant and the contractor that constructed the N3.5 billion diamond underpass flyover in Ilorin to site over failed portion of the project.

The flyover, located on the entry point of the state capital, was constructed and commissioned by the immediate past administration in the state.

After inspecting the failed portion of the project, the state commissioner for Works, Rotimi Ilyasu, told journalists that the state government would also explore what it could get back from those concerned.

He alleged that the project was initially awarded at N2.5 bn but later reviewed upwards to N3.7 bn.

The commissioner said the state government would repair the bad portion of the road to alleviate the sufferings of the residents.

Iliyasu explained that the present administration would ensure all jobs are executed to standard and specification before inauguration.

Reporting by Ali Rabiu; Editing by Annabel Nwachukwu