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‘Invaders’ projects Nigeria’s fight against ethnoreligious wars- Filmmaker

Producer of blockbuster movies and Ikemba, Mr James Oguejiofor, AKA Jama – Gold, says the film titled ‘INVADERS’, projects Nigeria’s fight against ethno-religious wars and the need to embrace unity.

Mr Oguejiofor, stated this while fielding questions from journalists during the Invaders Movie Premier and award night in Abuja.

The movie, whose message is centred on the need for Nigerians to shun violence, and campaigns of disunity especially during the electioneering period, also advocates peaceful coexistence in the country.

Mr Oguejiofor explained that the ‘Invaders’, also depicted how politicians use campaigns of calumny to drive ethno-religious sentiments for their selfish interests.

“Anybody that causes chaos among the united people is an invader. As a filmmaker, I felt it was time for me to do something like this because we all want peace and the only way for me was to direct a movie with the message of peace to enlighten the youths to refrain from acts capable of truncating national unity”.

According to him “External forces are also contributing to the division we are facing today in Nigeria. We need to send messages that will change the narratives, and impact people, especially youths. This is because youths are the most affected,” he said.

The film producer urged other producers and actors in the movie industry to make a paradigm shift in telling stories that would drive the needed change we all desired in Nigeria.

Chairman of the Occasion Sir Emeka Offor, his wife Mrs Beatrice Offor, Managing Director Ebanky production Mrs Happy Julian Uchendu and Former Senate President Sen, Ken Nnamani during the official presentation of a new film titled Invaders/ award of Recognition in Abuja.

Oguejiofor expressed optimism that 50 million people, out of 200 million Nigerians, would watch the movie.
“I believe that at least 100,000 Nigerians will have that change and see the reality of what is happening”. Oguejiofor said.

The Production Coordinator, of Invaders, Julian Uchendu, described the movie as a story that expresses the unity, peace and love of Nigeria. “Nigeria is a beautiful and peaceful country. So, we release the movie to tell Nigerians that we need peace, love and unity to make this country a better place”.

“This film serves as a diary of a detribalised leader. We have used Hausa, Igbo, Fulani and Yoruba to tell the story that we are all one, we are not divided, and we are all Nigerians.”

The event had an array of actors in attendance, with ten of them being given an award.

Reporting by Julian Osamoto; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino