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South Korea mourns after Halloween crush kills 153 in Seoul

Emergency responders at the scene of a crowd surge after they were crushed in a large Halloween crowd in Seoul, in one of the deadliest peacetime accidents in South Korea’s recent history, on Saturday, Oct. 29, 2022. photo: The New York Times

South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol has declared a state of national mourning.

Interior minister says officials were surprised by how many people flocked to the district’s narrow streets.

World leaders have sent condolences and offers of assistance to South Korea, including UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chinese President Xi Jingping.

Eyewitnesses described how they attempted to resuscitate the injured despite having no experience with CPR.

At least 153 people, mostly women and young people in their 20s, have been killed in a chaotic stampede in South Korea’s capital, Seoul, after a huge crowd thronged a narrow street during Halloween celebrations..

Officials say 82 people were injured, 19 of them seriously, in a crowd crush in Itaewon’s entertainment district on Saturday night.

According to the BBC, 153 people were killed and 82 were injured in a crush in Seoul, South Korea’s capital.

Emergency services says, the dead include 20 foreign nationals, with the majority of victims being teenagers and young adults.

The Crush began in a narrow alley when a crowd collapsed. It was the first outdoor Halloween event without masks since the pandemic.

Halloween is a relatively new holiday in South Korea, and it is undoubtedly an import of American culture, which is popular in the country. While trick-or-treating is not common, and houses are not usually decorated in a spooky manner, the holiday is popular among teenagers.

Every year, people dress up in Halloween costumes and head out to bars or clubs to celebrate.

In Seoul, many of those venues are located in Itaewon, a nightlife hub in the very heart of the capital and that is where Saturday’s deadly crush happened.

Writing by Adeniyi Bakare