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Lula defeats Bolsonaro in Brazilian election

Brazil’s leftist leader, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has narrowly defeated President Jair Bolsonaro in a runoff election, completing a leftist swing by Latin-American states.

By Sunday night when Lula’s narrow win was clear, Mr Bolsonaro had not conceded defeat, raising concerns that he might contest the result.

US President, Joe Biden congratulated the President-elect for his victory in “free, fair and credible elections”, and said he looks forward to continued cooperation between the two countries.

A Reuters report says the weekend’s election marks a stunning comeback for Lula and the end of Brazil’s most right-wing government in decades.

Lula won 50.9% of votes compared with 49.1% for Mr Bolsonaro, thereby adding to the leftist leader’s first two terms of nearly two decades ago.

Writing by Fany Olumoye; Editing by Tina Oyinsan and Tony Okerafor