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Twitter blue tick to be revamped

New Twitter owner Elon Musk has said the process of gaining a prestigious “blue tick” will be revised, amid reports the firm could start charging $20 (£17) per month to be verified.

Mr Musk tweeted the verification process was being revamped, days after taking over the social media giant.

A blue tick is currently free and a way of signalling an account is authentic.

Mr Musk completed his $44bn (£37.9bn) takeover on Friday, and has renamed himself as Chief Twit on Twitter.

During months of legal wrangling leading up to the acquisition, the billionaire repeatedly expressed concerns about the verification process, and the number of spam and bot accounts he believes litter the site.

Mr Musk’s tweet, on Sunday, did not give any more details about what exactly might change.

Writing by Omotola Oguneye