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Scarface Jigga enlists Kelvyn Boy for ‘On My Mind

Nigerian-based producers Nami; Scarface and Kelvynboy take listeners on a 3-minute sonic journey of professing love.

Scarface’s musical DNA is reflected in “On My Mind,” which incorporates his poignant pens and lover boy persona.

After meeting a lady, the singer becomes enamored with her and distance makes him fond of her, as she always pops up in his head.

The singer professes his love for a girl in this musical masterpiece, and the song revolves around Scarface’s love interest, who is always in his thoughts. The singer can’t get his girl out of his mind and eulogizes her in his lyrics. “On My Mind” has lovely melodies and lush instrumentation that lift the listener’s spirits.

Reports say that the song intermixes mid-tempo Dancehall and Afrobeats elements to get its listener in the mood to groove and rock the dancefloor.

Speaking about the single, Scarface said: “On My Mind” is a harmonious tune that depicts a love story that has been tested and experiences ups and downs but both parties involved are committed to making things work out.

Writing by Marian Benjamin; Editing by Annabel Nwachukwu