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Climate change data platform launched for Journalists

A leading data journalism platform, Dataphyte, has launched the first climate change data platform in the country.

The platform is Dataphyte’s programme response to support journalists and civil society organizations to have access to country-specific climate data and policy information.

This comes in response to crucial climate issues of nature, food, water, industry decarbonisation, and climate adaptation.

Dataphyte founder, Joshua Olufemi said the platform will house data, research publications, situation reports and analyses, maps and other visualization to support various users to better understand climate change in Nigeria.

According to Joshua Olufemi ” the platform will present conversations from the ongoing COP 27 in Egypt , as well as relevant social media updates and conversations on the 2023 Flooding in Nigeria.”

“The flooding of 100 LGAs in 33 States in Nigeria has being a reminder that no country or region is immune from the climate crisis”, he said.

Mr Olufemi said access to data and data-driven insights are essential for finding quick flood solutions, building climate-resilient food systems that can meet the growing global food crisis, and reaching a sustainable and resilient net-zero future.

He explained further that the climate data hub would give citizens a chance to contribute through climate reporting to urgently reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build resilience and adapt to the impacts of climate change, and also to hold the government accountable for fulfilling its commitments to climate action in the face of the increasingly extreme weather events.

Reporting by Godson Elekwachi; Editing by Oluwaseyi Ajibade and Annabel Nwachuckwu