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National senior citizen center to enhance income security

The National Senior Citizens Center has reassured commitment to improving the well-being of older persons across the nation.

The Director General of the Center Emem Omokaro stated this when she led members of the center who paid a visit to some centers where the older persons engage in indigenous crafts and livelihood ventures in kano.

She said one of the priority areas of the center was to identify the needs of older persons and to cater to them.

Emem Omokaro explained that one of the new initiatives of the center was to map out all indigenous crafts, and livelihood ventures engaged by the older persons across the nation to have a baseline and identify their challenges so that market strategies would be provided.

The Director General who visited the Die-Pit center in kano expressed happiness on how the older people were engaged in the centuries trend business and assures commitment to ensuring that the senior citizens were been empowered.

“As you know kano was well-known for its Die-pit, I am very overwhelmed when I saw very old people at the Die-pit 75years and above still engaged in the indigenous craft, and I am happy that they welcome the new idea, to come together and alleviate most of the challenges.”

Emem Omokaro maintained that during the center’s retreat in the state experts discussed modalities that needed to be implored in sourcing funds, and how to limit depending on the budgetary allocations and the way forward.

Reporting by Abdullahi Jalaluddeen; Editing by Chinasa Ossai, Omotola Oguneye