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Experts seek Climate Justice for vulnerable countries

As part of effort to combat the impact of climate change in Africa, Environmental science experts are calling for Climate Justice to ensure sustainable environment for growth and development.

They made the call at the 2022 Science Conference on “Impact of Climate Change on Eco-Environment” organized by Africa Institute for Waste Management and Environmental Studies in collaboration with Africa Climate Reporters in kaduna.

Environmental science expert, Dr Abubakar Shafiu who stressed the need for massive sensitization on climate justice, posited that, the term connotes an approach to promote transformative justice to address power in-balances in the global community.

He said climate justice was key to achieving climate adaptation and mitigation to enable vulnerable countries such as Nigeria and other countries in Africa absorb the shock of climate events such as flooding among others.

According to Dr Shafiu, to achieve low carbon emission and resilience, robust action from advanced nations is necessary to save the environment.

Providing effective and scientific solution to climate change, Dr Shafiu noted that, the focus must not only be on financial consideration, but on restorative justice and restitution of integrity to mother Earth and its inhabitants.

The Environmental Scientist pointed out that climate finance is not flowing to countries that are most vulnerable to climate impact hence the need to re engineer the climate finance architecture to ensure it provide support for adaptation and mitigation.

“Climate Justice is a concept that addresses division for fair sharing and equitable distribution of benefits and burden of climate change and responsibilities to deal with the menace,

“Climate Change differ substantially among individuals and group, as studies show that, the most influential people of the world are responsible for most environmental impact, and robust action by them is necessary for prospect of moving towards safer environment condition,” explained Dr Shafiu.

President, Africa Institute for Waste Management and environmental studies, Dr Suleiman Tanko who stressed the need for effective waste management, reiterated commitment of the institute on extensive research in the area of waste recycling toward mitigating effect of the menace.

Director, Africa Climate Reporters, Dr Nurudeen Bello said the science conference was targeted at sensitizing climate reporters on the need to intensify their reportage on environmental issues to promote sustainable development and growth.

The conference was attended by environmental experts, civil societies and non Governmental organizations.

Reporting by Daniel Karlmax; Editing by Chinasa Ossai