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NHRC harps on closing child protection gaps

National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has tasked stakeholders to close the numerous protection gaps in Nigeria’s child development plan, so as to assist children attain their full potential and contribute to national development.

Executive Secretary NHRC, Chief Tony Ojukwu in a statement in Abuja to commemorate this year’s International Children’s Day noted that improving efforts on issues affecting children has become more imperative, considering their increased vulnerability in the face of climate change, flooding, insecurity, poverty, poor access to education and energy crisis.

Mr Ojukwu, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria stated that the Child’s Rights Act of Nigeria replicates key ingredients of the UN Child Rights Convention and the African Children’s Charter, pointing out that the Act which was passed in 2003 has been adopted in about 31 states in Nigeria.

The Executive Secretary explained that it is compulsory for every state government to rise up to the occasion to adopt and implement this legislation which has the potential of improving the standard of living of Nigerian Children who are the future leaders.

The Commission also urged MDAs and Child-focused organisations to align with national implementation plans of Child’s Rights Act with International action plan like Agenda 2040, and the SDGs agenda to ensure a result oriented implementation

Reporting by Tanimu Salihu; Editing by Muzha Kucha