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Uganda shutdown schools over surge in Ebola

The Ugandan Government has closed schools nationwide, two weeks before the end of the term, over the increasing spread of Ebola which is the worst outbreak in the nation’s history.

Reports say 55 people have died as a result of the dreaded virus in the past two months.

The decision to shut schools has brought about mixed reactions from experts who had expressed the belief that keeping pupils contained for another two weeks would be a better way to halt the spread of the deadly disease.

One of the experts, Dr. Olive Kobusingye, a senior research fellow at Makerere University School and the University of South Africa, decried the exposure of the children who attend boarding schools travelling long distances across the country to their homes.

“They are going to be packed in buses, minibuses and private cars providing maximum opportunity for people to mix in very close contact.

“It’s the last thing Uganda needs now,” Kobusingye noted

The government said it is worried that schools could now act as a reservoir which is something they want to avoid in urban areas.

Schools had already put in place strict anti-Ebola measures, some were used for COVID-19 including temperature screening, regular handwashing and disinfecting surfaces.

Writing by Oluwaseyi Ajibade; Editing by Tersoo and Annabel Nwachukwu