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APC group charges members to engage in modest campaign

A support group for the APC presidential candidate, the Asiwaju-Shettima Defenders network says their major preoccupation is to continue to educate the people on the need to vote for Senator Ahmed Bola Tinubu as president in next years general election to be able to consolidate on the foundation being laid by President Muhammadu Buhari .

In an interview with Radio Nigeria in Abuja, the national Cordinator of the group Comrade Mahmud Ibrahim said the level of reception being accorded the APC presidential candidate in all the States visited for campaign so far showed that majority of citizens are still comfortable with the APC .

According to him ” People complain that he is sick , he is not strong but for over three months that they have done the primary he has not rest for two weeks . The only time he took holiday it was just for ten days. He has being going from one state to another doing routine meetings, moving from one state to another for campaign , if he is not sound , how can he stand the rigor and he has a running mate who is in his 50s , sound and also have a track record ” He said .

Comrade Mahmud who expressed optimism that the APC will win the presidential election on a first ballot, stressed the need for members of the support to engage in modest campaign to maintain the spirit of brotherhood before and after the poll

Reporting by Ibrahim Shuaibu; editing by Abdullahi Lamino