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Barca, Real Madrid to snub Laliga meeting in Dubai

Spanish football club giants Barcelona and Real Madrid say they will snub La Liga’s Extraordinary General Assembly in Dubai next week.

Both clubs were notified on November 25 of the Spanish top flight’s plan for an emergency meeting to discuss proposed changes to competition regulations.

The two clubs said they would not send representatives to the December 7 event.

Barca and Real were two of the 12 founding members of proposals in 2021 for a European Super League (ESL).

In a statement on Wednesday, Madrid described the proposed meeting by La Liga as an “illegal” summons.

The statement adds that “It is completely inappropriate and deeply inconsistent for La Liga to commit the economic waste of displacing more than 100 people to carry out an act of this nature, on these dates, to the United Arab Emirates, when it could be held at the La Liga headquarters without incur extraordinary costs.”

Meanwhile, Barca said: “FC Barcelona’s position has always been that of reaching consensual agreements after having examined the issue coherently and respecting all positions.

“For that reason, we do not believe it is the right time to travel to Dubai for an event which could well take place at La Liga’s headquarters and once again we show our opposition to any form of action that we consider damaging to the rights and interests of FC Barcelona.”

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas