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Houston police make arrests in murder of rapper Takeoff

A 33-year-old man  has been arrested by police in the US city of Houston on a murder charge in the November 1 shooting of rapper Takeoff.

Patrick Clark was taken into custody, Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said on Friday.

Mr Clark’s arrest came a day after another man was charged in connection with the said shooting, which authorities said followed a dispute over a dice game and wounded two other people.

Takeoff was an “innocent bystander” when he was struck by gunfire outside a Houston bowling alley on November 1.

Mr Clark was taken into prison custody on Friday, awaiting a bond hearing.

Police sergeant, Michael Burrow said during a Friday news conference that the gunfire followed a disagreement over a “lucrative” game of dice, but that Takeoff was not involved and was “an innocent bystander”.

Every person on the scene left without talking to police, Sergeant Burrow said.

Some of those people have since been located by the authorities, who have also worked to piece together events with ballistics, video and audio recordings, according to the police sergeant.

He said investigators are still trying to track down witnesses.

“We will be looking to find you,” he said. “It will be easier if you come find us.”

On Wednesday, authorities announced the arrest of Cameron Joshua in connection to the shooting.

Joshua was charged with illegally having a gun at the time Takeoff was shot, but prosecutors said the 22-year-old is not believed to have fired the weapon.

Christopher Downey, Joshua’s attorney, told reporters that he has not seen anything to suggest that his client was involved in Takeoff’s killing.

Burrow said that investigators believe it was Clark’s gunfire that killed the rapper.

Writing by Fany Olumoye; Editing by Tony Okerafor