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Lessons from the victory of 8 Nigerians in America’s midterm election

The ingenuity usually displaced by Nigerians has seen discoveries and other major developments and breakthroughs in all aspects of human endeavors.

Whether in academics, medicine, law, engineering, broadcasting, politics, sports, entertainment and entrepreneurship, just to mention a few, Nigerians have continued to excel and record successes beyond imagination.

Even with the harsh realities of life that often accompany daily existence, it has not deterred citizens from being their best in whatever they say or do. As a matter of fact, the “can-do spirit” of a typical Nigerian is not just peculiar to the country, as same is always demonstrated on the international stage from where Nigerians compete favourably with their peers in other climes.

This has been the case at the midterm election recently held in the United States of America where eight Nigerians won legislative seats as State Representatives in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

They rode to victory on the platform of the ruling Democratic Party following keen contest with Republicans who were hoping to recapture most governorship and legislative seats preparatory to the Presidential election in two years’ time.


The eight Nigerians that made the country proud are Segun Adeyinka, Gabe Okoye, Solomon Adesanya, Tish Naghise and Phil Olaleye who won the seats in Georgia representing various Districts.

Also, Carol Kazeem contested and won the seat of Pennsylvania State Representative, Oye Owolewa became the Representative from District of Columbia while Esther Agbaje was voted as a Minnesota State Representative.

Indeed, these victories are testimonies to the track records, resourcefulness and capacity of the elected Nigerian representatives to deliver on their mandates in various districts. This should serve as a lesson to Nigerians as the Country prepares for yet another general election next year.

If Americans who are predominately whites can remove sentiments and entrust leadership in the hands of foreigners particularly blacks based on capability, there is no reason why the case in Nigeria ought to be different.

The 2023 general elections should therefore be hinged on factors that will lead to inclusive growth and development. The electorate, the political class and indeed aspiring leaders must take a cue from America and desist from using fault lines notably religion, ethnicity and tribe to seek votes.

Aspiring political leaders who mean well for Nigeria should center campaigns on issues and particularly channel messages towards addressing the challenges of insecurity, power, oil theft, education, poverty and unemployment amongst many others.

The electorate on the other hand must be wise and as it is always used in local parlance, ‘’shine their eyes’’ to identify politicians who are willing to render selfless services to the nation. It is important that they look out for patriotic, competent and resourceful individuals who have the capacity and fear of God to deliver on promises made.

All the aforementioned must be the yardsticks that will guide the electorate as the vote in new set of leaders who will assume the mantle of leadership in twenty-twenty three, just the same way eight Nigerians will legislate for the people in their various districts in America.

Writing by Awuhe Terfa; Editing by Annabel Nwachukwu