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NBA renames MVP award as Michael Jordan Trophy

The award presented to the NBA’s most valuable player will now be called the Michael Jordan Trophy.

It is one of six newly designed trophies named after NBA legends as it follows the naming of the All-Star Game MVP trophy after the late Kobe Bryant.

The five other former players are Wilt Chamberlain, John Havlicek, George Mikan, Hakeem Olajuwon and Jerry West.

Six-time NBA champion Jordan won the MVP award five times while playing for the Chicago Bulls.

The six new awards are:

  • Michael Jordan Trophy: MVP
  • Hakeem Olajuwon Trophy: Defensive Player of the Year
  • Wilt Chamberlain Trophy: Rookie Of the Year
  • Jerry West Trophy: Clutch Player of Year
  • John Havlicek Trophy: Sixth Man of Year
  • George Mikan Trophy: Most Improved Player of the Year

“Our new collection of trophies celebrates some of the greatest and most impactful players in the history of the NBA,” league commissioner Adam Silver said. “As we recognise the league’s top performers each season, we also pay tribute to the legends who embody these prestigious awards.”

The Jordan Trophy stands at 23.6 inches tall and weighs 23.6 pounds, in honour of Jordan’s jersey number 23 and his six titles. Its five-sided base represents Jordan’s five league MVPs.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas