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FG issues 19 additional patents certificate to reseachers

The Federal Government has issued additional nineteen patents certificates to researchers, to enable them effectively carry out their work.

At the presentation of patent certificates to some Nigerian inventors and innovators, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation Dr Adeleke Mamora told the scientists and researchers to ensure they get intellectual property rights for their works.

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, WIPO, patent is a right granted to an inventor for technical invention by government, permitting him or her to exclude others from financially exploiting the invention for a certain period of time.

In some countries, patent excludes others from exploiting the patented invention for a period of twenty years.

Dr Mamora said most nations thrive when research outputs translate into products.

He therefore advised them to ensure their innovations impact on lives and the economy at large.

“In essence, what I am saying is that it is not over until your patent enter the market as goods and services“.

The Director General, NOTAP, Dr Dan Ibrahim decried the weak intellectual property culture among Nigerian researchers, stressing that the Agency in collaboration with WIPO had established Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer Offices , IPTTOs ,in some educational institutions to strengthen and create awareness on the IP and IPR.

He explained that organizations like Patent and Design Registry, Commercial Law Department of the ministry of Industry, Trade and Investy played a crucial role to fast track the process of patent in Nigeria.

According to him the centres had guided the researchers on how to go about patenting their work to attract venture capitalists and commercialization,Dr Ibrahim said.

He noted that for countries to develop, its STI base must be solid and encourages demand driven research.

“May I inform you that inventions and innovations have become major criteria for global ranking index of knowledge systems.It is indeed regrettable that no Nigerian University is ranked among the top hundred (100) universities in the world due to low innovative activities from our knowledge establishments”.

The Director General however called on the Nigerian researchers to take advantage of NOTAP initiative to push their products.

Some of the beneficiaries appreciated the government for the initiative, stressing the need for more collaboration between researchers and the industries for an industry driven research that could impact lives and the economy.

Nineteen patent certificates were presented to deserving researchers bringing the total number issued by NOTAP since inception to three hundred and ninety three.

Reporting by Rabi Momoh; Editing by Oluwaseyi Ajibade & Julian Osamoto