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Dozens injured on Hawaiian flight

Photo/Sky news

At least 36 people have been injured, after a Hawaiian Airline flight from Phoenix to Honolulu was hit by severe turbulence.

The incident happened shortly before the aircraft, carrying 278 passengers and 10 crew members, came in to land on Sunday.

Twenty people were taken to local hospitals with injuries ranging from lacerations, bruising and loss of consciousness to head injuries.

Thunderstorms were reported in the area at the time of the turbulence.

Hawaiian Airlines said in a statement: “Medical care was provided to several guests & crew members at the airport for minor injuries while some were swiftly transported to local hospitals for further care.”

Of the 20 people taken to hospital, 17 were passengers and three were crew members.

A 14-month old and a teenager are among them.

The airline said it was conducting a “thorough investigation” of the plane which is an Airbus A330 before it returns to service.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas