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Gunman kills five in Canada apartment

Five people have died after a gunman opened fire at a block of flats in Toronto, Canada.

Police said the shooting at the building in Vaughan, about 30km north off Toronto, at 19:20 on Sunday

Authorities are investigating the motive, including a possible connection between the gunman and the victims.

York police chief Jim MacSween said attending officers were met with a “horrendous scene”, with numerous deceased victims found in different flats of the building.

According to him, the process right now of doing notifications to those families, so at this point I can’t share any information on the victims or the subject.

Mr MacSween said there was no ongoing threat to the public, and York police said those evacuated could return to their homes.

In a tweet, Vaughan’s mayor Stephen Del Duca extended condolences to the families of the viticm,recognise the brave first responders who are working to safeguard the situation,” he added.

Canada has recently seen an increase in gun violence prompting recent legislation to ban handguns.

Writing By Marian Benjamin