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Ramaphosa wins in the midst of uncertainty for South Africa

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa has just won another term as head of the governing African National Congress (ANC) after a turbulent few weeks, over an alleged corruption scandal.         

For almost three decades now, the country has been governed by the former liberation movement, the ANC, which is now consumed by fratricidal power struggles driven not by policy or personality issues, but by rival attitudes to corruption and looting, and the desire of powerful figures to avoid accountability and prison.

There was a time, some five years back, when many South Africans flirted, earnestly, with the idea that their country had found its saviour and that Ramaphosa, a sober man of obvious integrity and experience, would put a stop to a grim decade of corruption and economic decline.

Ramaphosa has tried to push through reforms, to harness the nation’s almost limitless supplies of renewable solar and wind power, but it is widely believed he has been blocked and sabotaged by forces within his own cabinet and party.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas