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19 million Nigerians face food crisis due to flood

A flood scene in Zamfara caused by heavy downpours of rains in 2022’s rainy season.

Nineteen million Nigerians are facing a food crisis as a result of this year’s flooding.

The Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET) announced this at a forum on the impending food crisis organised by a nongovernmental organisation, the Human & Environmental Developmental Agenda (HEDA) Resource Centre in Abuja.

Executive Assistant to the Director-General of NIMET James Adamu also told the gathering that by April next year, the situation could be worse if drastic actions are not taken, as the impact of the flood would become more visible.

The gathering is therefore focusing on ways to maximise dry season farming in the country, especially in states affected by the flood.

Permanent secretaries of state ministries of agriculture from Nasarawa, Benue, Oyo, Niger, Bauchi, and the Federal Capital Territory are attending the talks which has experts, academics, policymakers, and farmers as participants.

Since October, the prices of food items have continued to rise due to the devastating floods that have ravaged many states and washed away farms, and destroyed properties.

According to forecasts, the intense floods have destroyed nearly 110,000 hectares of farmland, leading to a looming food crisis in 2023.

HEDA Resource Centre says the forum is to avert this crisis.

A communique is expected at the end of the talks.

Reporting by Victorson Agbenson; Editing by Muzha Kucha