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Cleric sues for peaceful coexistence

Nigerians have been admonished to play their roles in ensuring a peaceful nation.

In a Christmas sermon at the Universal Reformed Christian Church, Uchi-Mbakor, Tarka local government area of Benue state, the Resident Pastor, Rev Levi Vavem said one of the significance of Christmas was peace which Jesus Christ brought to the world.

Reverend Vavem emphasised that without individuals promoting peaceful coexistence from the family to community level, government efforts would not bring out the desired peace in the land.

He said, it was disturbing that the many Christians today were not practicing the teachings of Jesus Christ, hence the acrimony in the society.

The URCC Uchi-Mbakor resident pastor noted that Nigeria was endowed with the required resources to be a peaceful and prosperous nation. 

Reporting Tersoo Zamber; Editing Hadiza Abdulrahman