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Collection of PVCs in Kaduna to be extended

The independent National Electoral Commission, INEC in Kaduna has expressed commitment to move the collection of Permanent Voters cards from the local government offices to registration centres to ensure registered Voters in the state access their cards without any difficulties.

The Head of Voter Education and Publicity of the commission in the state, Rukaiyatu Sani Imam made this known in an exclusive interview with radio Nigeria in Kaduna.

She pointed out that, the exercise that commenced on the 12 of December 2022 across INEC offices in the state, is expected to last till January 22 this year.

According to Rukaiyatu Sani, the commission in the state had engaged stakeholders such as traditional and religious leaders, and the media among others to sensitize the public on the importance of their PVCs which she described as the only weapon they could use to make informed choices during elections.

While expressing satisfaction with the level of compliance from the public, she said the commission had registered over four million voters in the state, out of which many were yet to collect their permanent voters’ cards, PVCs.

Rukaiyatu hinted that, as at 31 December 2022 over 300,000 PVCs were yet to be collected.

“As at now, every local government is distributing its permanent voters cards including those for transfers and other updates, but on the 6th of January, the collection will move to the registration areas, and would be reverted back to the local government offices on the 15th of this month to continue until the last date which is January 22, 2023,

“We’ve been engaging with stakeholders at mosques, Churches, market places, community leaders including the radio which is the fastest means of transmitting information to inform the people to come and collect their permanent voters cards,

“We’ve registered over four million people in kaduna state and as at December 31, 2022 over 34000 people have collected their PVCs, we also have transfers of over 200,000, out of which 40000 have collected their voters cards, explained Rukaiyatu Sani Imam.

Electoral officers, EO of Igabi and Kaduna North Local government areas of the state Fatima Garba Kontagora and Sani Mohammed Namadina said the turnout of people for the exercise was quite impressive.

Reporting by Daniel Karlmax, editing by Daniel