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Stakeholder advocates compulsory teaching of social studies in schools

Professor Abdulraheem Yusuf. Photo: Lawrence Afolabi

A professor of Social Science Education at the University of Ilorin, Abdulraheem Yusuf has advocated compulsory teaching of social studies in Nigerian schools, with the aim of enhancing quality leadership in the country.

Professor Yusuf made the appeal while delivering the 223rd Inaugural Lecture of the University of Ilorin, entitled: “Socialising or Civicising the Citizens: The Quandry of a Failing Nation”.

The University don asserted that compulsory teaching of Social Studies alongside other compulsory subjects in Nigerian schools, would position the country for better leadership, enabling her grow into a more vibrant country.

According to the Professor, Social studies is the only subject taught in schools that covers national values, leadership, followership, unity, equity, conscience, honesty and integrity, describing them as “effective tools” for national development, in addition to serving as “powerful inspiration” for Nigerians.

He insisted that Social studies as a subject, examines the relationship between human-beings and their environment, begins with the “system of self” and then “expands” to the study of the universe.

He postulated that carefully chosen social issues, such as drug trafficking, insecurity, poverty, unemployment and HIV-AIDS, are addressed in the subject, stressing that Nigeria must socialize to battle the vices and other criminal tendencies. Socializing, he added, comes before civicising.

Reporting by Lawrence Afolabi; Editing by Abdullahi Lamino and Tony Okerafor