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Black box and voice recorder retrieved from Nepal crash site

Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority on Monday said the flight data and cockpit voice recorders from the Yeti Airlines plane that crashed in Pokhara have been recovered.

The plane was en route from Kathmandu and went down on approach to a newly opened airport in the tourist town of Pokhara on Sunday, killing at least 68 of the 72 people on board.

The data on the recorders may help investigators determine what caused the country’s deadliest aviation accident in three decades.

Both recorders were in good shape and will be sent for analysis based on the recommendation of the manufacturer of the ATR 72 aircraft.

Rescuers called off their recovery operations on Monday, saying the search would resume again on Tuesday.

The aircraft went down in a gorge near the Seti River, nearly 1.6 kilometers from Pokhara International Airport.

Debris from the airliner was strewn across the crash site, including the mangled remains of passenger seats and the plane’s white-colored fuselage.Nepal declared a day of national mourning on Monday and set up a panel to investigate the disaster.

Nepal’s Civil Aviation Authority said there were 15 foreigners on board: five Indians, four Russians, two South Koreans, and one each from Ireland, Australia, Argentina, and France. The rest were Nepalis.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas