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EPL: 80% of toilets at last weekend’s derbies tested positive for cocaine

A social media platform MailOnline ran an investigation into last weekend’s derby matches in the EPL as the result showed 80% of toilets at both Manchester United and Tottenham tested positive for Cocaine.

At Sunday’s bad-tempered North London derby,10 toilet cubicles were swabbed at the Tottenham Hotspur stadium to find that eight showed signs of the illegal grade A substance.

Spurs have tried to stop fans from snorting drugs in the toilets by removing the lids from the cisterns.

But that didn’t stop one supporter emerging from a cubicle rubbing his nose having made snorting noises behind the locked door.

In the family block, with young children wandering around accompanied by their parents, our reporter went inside to see white powder still clearly visible on the toilet roll holder.

MailOnline’s findings come as a record number of banning orders preventing fans from going to grounds as a result of drug use and disorder have been imposed.

Chair of the Football Safety Officers Association (FSA), Paul Lewis said: ‘I’m not shocked at all by what MailOnline has uncovered. For those of us working in the game, cocaine use at football is very common.’

Lewis, a former police officer, added: ‘It’s happening everywhere, from Premier League games to the non-league level.

‘We regularly receive reports from our members of white powder being discovered in toilets, on the floor of stands and even outside stadiums. The amount of drugs fans are taking is phenomenal at some games.’

It was the same situation at Old Trafford where tests showed a small shelf above the toilet was being used to rack up lines of cocaine.

The worrying discovery of cocaine use at these Premier League games comes as new police figures showed football banning orders issued in relation to matches in England and Wales have increased notably in the first half of the current season compared to the same period last season.

Data released by the UK Football Policing Unit last week revealed there were 343 banning orders issued between July 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022, an increase of 230 per cent compared to the same period in the 2021/22 campaign while incidents involving supporter drug use increased by 42 per cent.

The UK’s top football officer, Chief Constable Mark Roberts, has warned that more fans than ever were ­taking the drug at games, creating a ‘toxic mix’ of violence.

The FSOA has called on clubs to take more action to prevent cocaine from being consumed inside stadiums.

This includes greater use of sniffer dogs, removing flat surfaces from inside toilet cubicles and spraying surfaces with a special chemical to prevent them being used for the consumption of cocaine.

Both Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United have said they will take a zero-tolerance approach to drugs and the increase in drug use is a concerning issue in the wider society and will also continue to clamp down on those who seek to bring or use any illegal substances in their stadiums.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas