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F1 will not replace Chinese GP in the 2023 calender

F1 has released the provisional 2023 motor GP schedule which was supposed to have 24 events, but will now be 23 due to Shanghai being suspended.

The ongoing restrictions in China relating to COVID-19 meant it was not possible for F1 to go ahead with the race there.

The cancellation of the Chinese GP left a big gap in the calendar between the Australian GP on April 2 and the Azerbaijan GP on April 30.

F1 did consider options to move certain events forward, especially Azerbaijan GP to separate it from being back-to-back with Miami, or by finding a replacement race.

But Azerbaijan GP chiefs were reluctant to move their event any earlier in the year because of concerns about poor weather in Baku at that time of year which is normally chilly and windy in April.

Despite hopes by Chinese authorities to get its race back on the calendar, either on its original date or by potentially swapping its April slot with another venue, has also been ruled out.

F1 has therefore announced that the season will stick with 23 races. A short statement said: “Formula 1 can confirm the 2023 season will consist of 23 races. All existing race dates on the calendar remains unchanged.”

It means there will be a three-week gap between the races in Melbourne and Baku.

The reduction to a 23-race schedule has some implications in terms of restricted components that teams can use.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas