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Alves moved to new detention centre for security reasons

Brazil defender, Dani Alves has been transferred to a new detention centre because of security reasons after being accused of sexual assault, Catalan officials said on Monday.

The new detention center has “smaller residential modules” where it is easier to guarantee the safety and coexistence of inmates, the BBC has reported.

Authorities said the type of crime that Alves is being accused of was not taken into consideration in the decision to transfer him.

Alves spent three nights at another facility that holds about 200 inmates. The new one accommodates about 80 detainees, including convicted prisoners and others awaiting trial.

Alves is expected to share a cell with another inmate for now.

39-year-old Alves is being accused of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old woman at a nightclub in Barcelona late last year.

A judge ordered the Brazil defender to remain jailed without bail after hearing the testimony of Alves, his accuser and a witness.

He has since denied any wrongdoing.

Spanish media reported on Monday that Alves’ family was considering making changes to his legal team.

Alves won 42 soccer titles, including three Champions Leagues with Barcelona and two Copa Americas with Brazil. He played in his third World Cup, the only major title to have eluded him, last month.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas