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CITAD develops spectrum analyser for efficient service

The center for information technology and development (CITAD) has developed a spectrum analyser to promote open billing system.

The Executive Director, CITAD, Yunusa Ya’u made the disclosure while briefing newsmen on the newly-developed Android Application called Network Tester Pro.

According to Mr Ya’u, the new android application will promote transparency and accountability regarding data purchase, and network strength by tracking the speed and volume of data provided by network service providers.

He said sometimes consuming data too fast or experiencing poor services is a “clear indication” that the speed the network provider claimed to have given was much lower than what was paid for.

“The primary purpose is to ensure citizens enjoy services on payments they have made to service providers,” Mr Ya’u said.

He, however, pointed to another aim of the spectrum analyser, namely, to test the claim by the Universal service provision fund (USPF) that it had reduced the number of community clusters without connectivity from over 200 to 114.

He said the clusters, called underserved or unserved communities, do not have internet network or have only 2G, where they can only make voice calls and text messages.

According to him, many people outside the 114 communities are struggling to get signals, while many others have experienced situations wherein people have to climb trees or hills in order to make basic calls.

Mr Yau’u assured the public that CITAD would promote community network to build capacity of communities to design,develop and manage their own network infrastructure, to be able to meet their connectivity needs without waiting for government or the private sector.

Reporting by Khadijah Aliyu; Editing by Chinasa Ossai, Oluwaseyi Ajibade and Tony Okerafor