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Moment of hope as new-born pulled from rubble in Syria

Rescue efforts are currently ongoing after a massive earthquake and powerful aftershocks caused widespread devastation across south-eastern Turkey and northern Syria.

Nearly 11 thousand people have been killed, and the death toll continues to mount as first responders carefully comb through the wreckage looking for survivors.

In hard-hit Turkey, over 6,000 buildings have been damaged or destroyed, officials said.

Rescuers have been working feverishly in cold, wet weather while also facing the threat of aftershocks since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocked the region early Monday.

Amid the tragedy and horror of the natural disaster, there have been reports of miraculous and dramatic rescues.

Footage of the rescue showed a man carrying the new-born after she was found in the debris, her umbilical cord still connected to her mother. The baby was transported to a hospital, where she was in an incubator in stable condition, according to the AP.

Another bittersweet rescue occurred in Jindires, Syria, on Tuesday where a baby girl who had been born amid the earthquake rubble was rescued, though none of her family survived, according to The Associated Press.

Among the survivors is an entire family who were rescued in the Idlib province in western Syria on Tuesday this is according to the humanitarian organization Syria Civil Defense.

While another Footage of a rescue showed two girls and a boy pulled from the wreckage of a building by the group’s volunteer White Helmets to loud, jubilant cheers from the large crowd.

The children were brought to an ambulance as two adults also appeared to be carried out from the collapsed building on stretchers.

The Antalya Municipality Search and Rescue Team told ABC News that one of the survivors is a 4-year-old girl named Beyz and she is in good health.

Writing by Tersoo Nicholas