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Radio Nigeria holds training on election coverage

The Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria has convened a series of workshops to discuss the coverage of the 2023 general election.

This is to promote professionalism and draw attention to the modifications made in the new Electoral Law, especially as it relates to media practitioners.

The Director-Genral, Mansur Liman, at the opening said covering elections was a crucial task for the media, adding that it was important for journalists to have access to the necessary training and resources to report on the process accurately and fairly.

He said the workshops would ensure that the media was well-equipped to cover the polls, and provide citizens with the information they need to make informed decisions.

It’s important for journalists to stay informed about changes in electoral laws and regulations, as these can have a significant impact on how elections are covered…journalists must understand these rules so that they can effectively and ethically report on the election process, Liman told a gathering of more than 60 participants.

DG National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), Balarabe Shehu Ilelah stressed that incitement by politicians can harm the stability and cohesion of a country, saying it was the duty of the media to report on these issues in a responsible and ethical manner.

In the run up to an election, the media must also be vigilant in monitoring the language and behavior of politicians, and calling out any instances of hate speech or incitement. This can help prevent the spread of harmful rhetoric and promote a more positive and inclusive discourse in the public sphere, he said.

The success of an election depends on many factors, including the actions of politicians, the readiness of the election commission, and the role of the media in providing impartial and accurate coverage, he added.

INEC representative, Chukwuemeka Ugboajah said the media must understand the principles of the electoral processes before they can effectively report on the issues.

He said media practitioners play a crucial role in informing the public about the election process, and that it was important that they have a solid understanding of the rules and procedures that govern elections.

“By understanding the principles of the electoral process, Chukwuemeka said, journalists can better identify and report on issues that may arise during the election, and provide the public with a more comprehensive understanding of the election process.”

He urged them to research in order to gain an understanding of the various government and non-government institutions that are responsible for various aspects of the election.

Writing by Saadatu Albashir; Editing by Tony Okerafor