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Limited access to training affecting journalists

Limited access to refresher courses and capacity building workshops have been described as some of the challenges journalists face in Nigeria.

The Chairperson house of Representatives press corps, Comerade Grace Ike made the remark at a capacity building workshop for media and civil society partners in Abuja.

Comerade Ike, observed that Journalism is one of the few jobs people are employed and unfortunately left to their devices without periodic training.

She added that it is even worse for parliamentary reporters, who in most cases have to go out of their way to sponsor themselves to attend courses.

“So, I am always happy when individuals, NGOs, MDAs, corporate bodies or diplomatic institutions, etc organise capacity building workshops for Parliamentary reporters

“The Parliament seems to be the most misunderstood arm of government and its assessment has been a subject of controversy over the time.

According to her, a workshop of this nature is key in further educating and equipping journalists who cover activities of the Legislature on the best criteria or methods for properly assessing legislators.

Ike added that if the parliamentary correspondent is well informed, he will be in a better position to relay the performance of a legislator to his or her constituents which will lead to informed decisions on the part of the electorate during elections.

The training was organized by the Order paper initiative.

Reporting by Ibrahim Shehu; editing by Abdullahi Lamino